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Our breakfasts are served in the Farmhouse. We offer a range of cereals (muesli, cornflakes, bran flakes, weetabix, crunchy nut cornflakes) white and wholemeal toast with preserves.

Our cooked breakfast includes-

-grilled back bacon

-local free range egg poached on toast

-grilled tomato and baked beans.


We offer a selection of teas, arabica coffee, orange juice or children's options such as hot chocolate and blackcurrant squash. We can normally cater for specialist diets when booked in advance (so we can pop to the shops!)

A typical breakfast served in our kitchen

Food Hygiene Rating:


We are very proud that we have been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating by Tandridge District Council. 

Our kitchen is entirely stainless steel, to ensure that we provide the best, healthiest breakfasts and all of our staff are properly trained in food safety standards.



We have some dog friendly rooms, and so we can accept one dog with you during your stay. Please book in advance if you are bringing a dog, and let us know during booking as we have a limited number of rooms available.


We have ample parking and electric gates that are closed at night to improve security.


We are able to accommodate guests who stay for Bed and Breakfasts leaving a car with us while on holiday for up to two weeks for no extra charge. You just need to pay for your taxi to and from Gatwick. We use a local, friendly taxi company that offers a flat rate of £16 one way to Gatwick from our address. We can pre-book this service for you. All cars left on our property are left at owners risk.



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